Signage doesn’t just help people find you on the high street. A well-designed sign has lots of other advantages – it can make a good first impression, raise brand awareness and inspire confidence.

So don’t just confine it to the front of your building. We can create signage for your reception and treatment areas, vehicles, exhibition stands and events. Smartly decked out with your new logo and corporate font, your signage will work hard to reinforce the strong brand identity that we’ve created for you.

Signage – internal and external signs

Cost of design and signage is dependent on quantity, size, type of signs, materials, complexity and installation.

As standard we include the following in our service:

  • Strategy and design concepts
  • Produce accurate mockups with measurements
  • Source sign / material samples as required
  • Oversee orders, delivery and installation
  • Track manufacture, quality check at source prior to despatch
  • Help resolve any issues that may arise

The Design Process

The process of designing your signage is an extension of your branding – different challenges arise from the difference in scale, budget, materials and architecture.

To begin with we would ask you to take some exterior and interior photos of your practice which we could use to initally do quick mockups to give a good indication of where your signs can be placed and give an idea of size and scale for your approval.
Accurate proofs can be produced once we have the measurements to work with.

We will work closely with you to make sure that we stay within your budget and schedule.

Types of business signs

  • Main fascia sign
  • Projecting sign
  • Sign post
  • Banners
  • Reception sign
  • Door names
  • Name plaques
  • Staff name badges
  • Window / door graphics
  • Car decals

Schedule, Delivery and Installation

When you are happy with the designs, the next step is to have them made and installed. In the majority of cases we can have the signs produced and professionally installed for you by one of our trusted business partners. However, in the unlikely event of this not being viable (usually a geographical problem) we can liaise with a professional installer local to you and work with them to finish your project. This way the whole process involves you but happens quickly, efficiently and conveniently with mimimum disruption to your business.

Contact us today and see how we can help maximise your visibility in your location.


Signage Examples
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