Denton Dentalcare

Case study 3. Start up practice

Client: Denton Dentalcare, private start up in a rural location

The background: Our client set up Denton Dentalcare as a new, private practice is 2007. Although an experienced dentist, he had no knowledge of marketing or brand awareness. After speaking to a number of London-based agencies, our client was referred to us by his business adviser. He chose to work with Cobaltblue because we could deliver the original, inspiring design service he was looking for at a competitive price.
Case Study: 1234

The Design Brief

We were tasked with:

Like most new businesses, Denton had no branding or marketing collateral in place when we began working with them. So we started from scratch by creating a brand identity and logo, followed by producing everything our client needed to get his business up and running. This included business cards, letterheads and patient welcome packs.

As well as design and print, we also arranged the photography for their marketing literature and created a video tour for their new website.

Then, to help our client make a splash in his new village location, we created contemporary signage for the practice and arranged some local advertising.

When designing, writing and producing materials for Denton Dentalcare, our key aims were to:

  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Entice new patients who would recommend the practice.
  • Remove the traditional scary stigmas attached to dentists.

The target audience

Our client wanted to target families and professional couples and singles living in Denton, the surrounding rural area and the nearby town centres of Northampton and Olney.

The Results

Dentistry Awards

Our client loved our designs and has continued to work with us since the practice was established. We’ve helped Denton Dentalcare build a strong, recognisable brand in their local area and the practice is extremely busy with new and existing patients. And our original approach to creating the practice image has paid off.

  • Shortlisted for Best Practice in 2008
    Private Dentistry Awards
  • Finalist in the 2009 Dental Practice WOW! Awards

The Approach

Branding and design:

Despite being completely new to the design game, our client had very firm ideas about what he didn’t want – stock images of wholesome-looking people sporting toothy grins! We took the time to talk to him about his approach to dentistry, his business ethos and vision for the new brand.

Tasked with creating unique imagery to complement his ideas, we hit on the idea of turning the initials ‘DDC’ into a modern butterfly shape with overlapping wings. As well as forming an eye-catching contemporary logo, this approach encapsulates the practice’s rural nature whilst hinting at the surgery’s calm environment. The logo now takes pride of place on their stationery and signage.

For the patient welcome pack, we took things a step further by including floating dandelion clocks to further emphasise this calm, rural feel. Similarly, one of the adverts we produced featured a girl in summer clothing relaxing under an umbrella. This helps give the idea of comfort and luxurious surroundings which is backed up by the advert’s copy.

Photography and video:

Our team travelled to Denton Dentalcare where we spent the day photographing the interior and exterior.

The aim was to give a feeling of light, air and spaciousness so by design already the practice was already kept minimal with fine artwork well placed throughout the practice. So the best way to complement the smart layout and capture the rooms at its best was to shoot the photos with ample amount of natural sunlight coming through the windows.

We also did a short video to showcase the practice and staff. Slow deliberate panning of the garden heightens the tranquililty of the practice’s location and beautiful surrounding. Every patient can enjoy this picturesque scenery whilst receiving treatment so the video clip embedded in their website will help give other online visitors a sense of the comfort and ease they too can experience for themselves if they wish to become Denton Dentalcare’s careplan members.


The next goal is to make Denton Dentalcare even more accessible by creating an online ebrochure. This should boost their profile significantly within their local communities – increasing enquiries, registration whilst keeping their patients informed about their general practice and cosmetic treatments on offer.


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