Ollie & Darsh

Case study 1. Start up dental practice

Client: Ollie & Darsh, private general & cosmetic practice

The background: Ollie & Darsh is a new private dental practice based in Liverpool. From their city centre surgery they provide a wide range of general and cosmetic dental treatments. The client approached us shortly after starting their business in 2009. They were looking for a fresh, modern design and branding service to help put their practice firmly on the map as Liverpool’s brightest and most exciting cosmetic dental practice.

One of the reasons they chose to work with us it that, as a start-up business, they needed the full suite of design and marketing support that we can provide under one roof.

Case Study: 1234

The Design Brief

We were tasked with:

  • Creating an eye-catching logo to get people’s attention and make a lasting impression.
  • Producing high quality marketing and advertising materials to help Ollie & Darsh win new business from their target audience.
  • Building an attractive web presence which they could manage and update themselves.
  • Designing stunning signage to give the instant ‘wow’ factor – this was especially important as their premises are located away from the main high street.
  • Arranging two photo shoots to capture high quality images for use on their website, in marketing materials and advertising campaigns.

When designing, writing and producing materials for Ollie & Darsh, our key aims were to:

  • Raise brand awareness.
  • Entice new patients who would recommend the practice.
  • Remove the traditional scary stigmas attached to dentists.

The target audience:

Ollie & Darsh were keen to target city-dwelling business professionals who are willing and able to invest in high quality private dental care and cosmetic treatments as part of their wider lifestyle.

The Results

Dentistry Awards

With our help, Ollie & Darsh have established their position as one of Liverpool’s leading cosmetic dental practices. Our creative input was instrumental to their success in 2009’s prestigious Private Dentistry Awards:

  • Winner of Most Attractive Practice
  • Shortlisted for Best New Practice
  • Shortlisted for Best Marketing

The Approach

Creating the logo:

We’ve decided to place equal emphasis on the names ‘Ollie’ and ‘Darsh’ by using a funky font to generate boldness and sophistication. Our ideas were focused on connecting these two names with dentistry, to help establish this brand new practice. We did this in two ways:

  • Through visual play on the logotype and business name. We represented the ‘O’ of Ollie as symbolising an open mouth, or by adding a leaf, an apple. The ‘D’ of Darsh was flipped to the side to symbolise a big smile. We then added a star inside the flipped ‘D’ to give the ‘bling’ factor and the idea of shiny white teeth.
  • By using a strap line, ‘where individual smiles matter’. This supports and reinforces the type and purpose of the business without needing to spell out that it’s a dental practice.

This sophisticated approach is designed to appeal to the right target audience and get Ollie & Darsh noticed by their target audience. Once we’ve got their attention, it’s easier to persuade them to act on the sales message in question.


We arranged the first, full day photo shoot to capture the images we needed to create Ollie & Darsh’s new stationery, referral cards, railway poster campaigns, newspaper and magazine advertisements. The overriding purpose of the photography was to help our client and their brand become instantly recognisable to prospective patients.

We wanted the images to portray the practice as friendly, familiar and welcoming so the photo shoot focused on studio shots of the two Clinical Directors, the MIP and the Senior Clinical Assistant. To give the images an extra touch of glamour and help them appeal to the target audience, we arranged professional hair and make-up services before the shoot.

The second photo shoot was also a full day, but this time we travelled to the new practice in Liverpool to photography the newly-installed exterior and interior signage. Taking a lifestyle approach, we also shot every room in the practice to show off their modern and hi-tech facilities. The end results can be seen in their patient welcome pack, adverts and website gallery, providing a glossy insight into the attractive and high quality surroundings that Ollie & Darsh’s patients can expect to see at the practice.


Ollie & Darsh Portfolio

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